Reform and Development of Engineering Education in New Technology Age
2019 CDIO Asian Regional Meeting

25-27 March 2019

Dalian Neusoft University of Information

Dalian, Liaoning, China

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About Dalian City

Dalian is a major city and seaport in the south of Liaoning Province, China. It is located on Korea Bay north of the Yellow Sea and roughly in the middle of the Liaodong peninsula at its narrowest neck or isthmus. With a coastline of 1,906 km (1,184 mi), it governs the majority of the Liaodong Peninsula and about 260 surrounding islands and reefs. Dalian is the province's second largest city and has sub-provincial administrative status. It is also a financial, shipping and logistics center for Northeast Asia.

Dalian is located in the warm temperate zone of the Northern Hemisphere with oceanic climate; it's neither cold in winter nor hot in summer. The annual mean temperature is 10.90 °C. The monthly 24-hour average temperature ranges from −3.9 °C in January to 24.1 °C in August. And the annual precipitation is 550—950mm, the whole year sunshine duration is 2500—2800 hours.

Standard Mandarin is usually spoken in Dalian because it is a city with people from various locations. But Dalian natives use Dalian dialect, which belongs to the Jiaoliao Mandarin subgroup spoken in parts of Shandong and Liaoning provinces.

Dalian is a popular destination among domestic tourists and foreign visitors, especially from Japan, South Korea and Russia. Its mild climate and multiple beaches as well as its importance in the modern history of China have attracted tourists. Some of the most famous beaches are Jinshitan Golden Coast (金石滩黄金海岸) beach, Fujiazhuang (付家庄) beach, Bangchuidao (棒棰岛) beach, Xinghai Park (星海公园) beach, Xinghai Bay (星海湾) beach, and Xiajiahezi (夏家河子) beach. Dalian is also famous for its Square Culture. There are more than eighty squares in Dalian, among them the most famous are Zhongshan Square(中山广场), Friendship Square(友谊广场), Xinghai Square(星海广场), Peoples Square(人民广场), Olympic Square(奥林匹克广场) and so on. Up to now, the Green completed area has reached 40% in Dalian.

In 2016, Dalian ranks 48th in the Global Financial Centres Index, the other Chinese cities on the list being Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Beijing and Qingdao. In 2012, Dalian ranked 82nd in the Global City Competitiveness Index. In 2006, Dalian was named China's most livable city by China Daily. The National Tourism Administration and the United Nations World Tourism Organization named Dalian as "The Optimum Tourist City", this title further expands the reputation of Dalian both at home and abroad, thus attracts more tourists to travel and visit Dalian.

For more information about Dalian city and its attractions, please go to the official tourist information website (Language: English, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and etc.):

Transportation Information

Dalian Airport Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport 大连周水子国际机场 (IATA: DLC, ICAO: ZYTL) is the airport serving the city of Dalian in Liaoning Province, China. It is about 10 km northwest of the city center. Dalian airport has opened 146 routes, of which 108 domestic routes, and 38 international routes and Special Administrative Region, covering most of the large and medium-sized cities nationwide, and reaching many countries in East Asia, Southeast Asia, Europe, North America, and Middle East. In 2014 the airport handled 17,203,640 passengers, making it the busiest airport in Northeast China and the 16th busiest nationwide.

International and Special Administrative Region routes
Dalian Train Stations

Dalian Railway Station大连站 is located at the city center, Zhongshan District of Dalian city. It is a main station in the northeast of China.

Dalian North Railway Station大连北站 is located at the north of Dalian city. It is about 17.5 km away from Dalian Railway Station. It is the main high-speed railway station in Dalian. Need to buy train tickets? Please go to the official website (Language: Chinese): an city. It is a main station in the northeast of China.

City Public Transportation

Taxis are plentiful in Dalian. Rates start at 10 RMB for the first three kilometers and 2 RMB for each additional kilometer with 30% higher rates at night (10pm to the next day 5am). Blue top lights represent state-owned enterprises, white ones represent collectively-owned enterprises or cooperative enterprises, while yellow ones represent private enterprises.

City Metro

There are currently 3 metro routes in Dalian. Rates start at 2 RMB to 6 RMB according to the distance. There are metro stations at the airport and train stations. Ask station officers for help if you needed to buy tickets.


There are hundreds of bus lines in Dalian including three tramcar lines. The first vehicle hour is 4:00-4:30 a.m. and final vehicle hour is 22:00-23:50 p.m., normal hour interval 3-8 minutes, and 1-2 minutes at rush hours. The price of a ticket is 1 RMB to 2RMB.


Dalian Neusoft University of Information (DNUI) Founded in 2000, DNUI is a private university focusing on application-oriented higher education. DNUI is invested by Neusoft Group which is a leading IT solution and service provider in China with global presence. DNUI is located at Dalian High-tech Industrial Zone. Currently, there are 5000 registered enterprises, more than 900 high-tech enterprises and over 100 Global 500 companies settled in the zone, such as IBM, HP, Ericsson and DELL. DNUI covers an area of about 150 acres and has a total construction area of 399,000 square meters. It currently has more than 14,000 students and nearly 900 formal staff. DNUI now has 12 academic schools, covering 5 disciplines which are engineering, science, management, arts and literature. There are 28 undergraduate majors in DNUI and its enrollment covers 29 provinces and cities.


Official Hotel:
Hi Chance (Dalian) Science & Technology Center(海创大连科技交流中心)
· The accommodation fee will be all on your own expense. For an invoice, please contact the hotel front desk.
· Free shuttle buses will be arranged between Hi Chance (Dalian) Science & Technology Center and meeting venues at fixed time. There will be no shuttle bus for other self-booking hotels.
· The discounted price is only for the 2019 CDIO Asian Regional Meeting, and the hotel rooms are limited. Please register and make reservation as early as possible. There might not be enough rooms or suitable rooms as the meeting date approaches.
· If you have any enquiry about accommodation, please send email Or call: +86 411 84832332

The Hi Chance (Dalian) Science & Technology Center
is located in Dalian high-tech industrial park. It was recently opened in 2017, next to Wanda shopping square. It was designed and built as four-star hotel standard. It is a high profile business hotel with integrated functions of conventions, communications, accommodation, catering and recreation.

With convenient transportation, the hotel is only 3.8km from Dalian Neusoft University of Information (DNUI), about 10 minutes' drive. Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport is about 25 minutes' (13km) drive from the hotel. Dalian Railway Station is about 25 minutes' (13km) drive from the hotel. Dalian North Railway Station is about 40 minutes' drive (20km) from the hotel. Famous attraction Xinghai Square is just short taxi ride away, about 12 minutes' drive.

Hotel Address: No. 507, Huangpu Road, Hi-tech Industrial Zone, Dalian City, Liaoning Province
Hotel Tel: +86 411 62620777

Standard Price:
Superior Room (2 Single Beds/1 Double Bed): RMB500-700 per night
Deluxe Suite: RMB1200 per night
Discounted Price:
Superior Room (2 Single Beds/1 Double Bed): RMB350 per day including 1 breakfast, and extra will be cost at RMB50 per person.
· Discounted Price is for 2019 CDIO Asian Regional Meeting attendees only. There must be at least one meeting attendee during check-in to guarantee the discounted price.
· You can book Superior Room (2 Single Beds/1 Double Bed) with discounted price through this website. The DNUI meeting organizing team will inform the hotel to keep the rooms.
· If you want to book Deluxe Suite, please contact the hotel front desk directly.
· Please click here for meeting registration and accommodation booking.

Soluxe Heyi Hotel Dalian
The Soluxe Heyi Hotel Dalian is one of the newest hotels in Dalian, opened in 2018. Located in Dalian high-tech industrial park, the hotel is equipped with various sorts of rooms and suites.

The hotel is about 6.2km from Dalian Neusoft University of Information and 2.5km from Hi Chance (Dalian) Science & Technology Center.

Hotel Address: No. 710, Huangpu Road, Hi-tech Industrial Zone, Dalian City, Liaoning Province
Hotel Tel: +86 411 39421111

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